Easter Sunday – 12th April 2020

Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!

These pictures from our Sunday School and New Horizons groups decorate the windows of our church building today.

We have suggested hymns to begin and end, then our main act of worship and an extra story for children today.  Liz Jameson will lead us in singing Thine Be the Glory, words are available here.

You can play through each video individually or use this youtube playlist to play them all in order.

There are further opportunities for worship and reflection today at the foot of the page.

Let us worship God…

Also of interest this Sunday

A reflection for Easter Sunday from Right Rev Colin Sinclair

National Call to prayer at 7pm today.

Reflections at the Quay – BBC1 12:00 – Rt Rev Colin Sinclair

Sanctuary First – Live service at 3pm.

The Moderator’s Daily Reflections from Facebook (no need to have a FB account)