Sunday 24th 2020 – Anniversary Sunday

Welcome to Sunday Worship on the 24th May 2020

In the week ahead you would be welcome to join us at the following Zoom meetings

NT Reading Plan Group – Sunday 12:30pm
Earlybirds Prayer – Tuesday 8am
Coffee Morning – Wednesday 10:30am
Book Group – Wednesday 8pm
Prayer Meeting – Thursday 7:30pm

Sunday School and New Horizons also meet weekly.

Please get in touch if you would like to join us at any of these meetings or would simply like to chat.  We’re keen to keep in touch 🙂 email:

This morning we are grateful to Bill, Audrey, Dawn, Fiona, Roy & Tina who help us in leading worship today.

Let us worship God together…

“Noah, God’s Friend” is by Crossroads Kid’s Club