Bible Reading Plan 2021

In 2021 we have decided to continue with our bible reading plan to encourage all members of the congregation to engage with the Bible on a daily basis.

In 2020 we looked at the New Testament. In 2021 we are becoming ‘Bible Explorers- Psalms and Prophets’ as are looking at the Old Testament, starting with the Psalms and the Prophets.

We know that many people use study guides or existing apps, but if you do not or are looking for something new, we would like to encourage you to follow our OT reading plan. The readings for our plan will be issued quarterly. We hope that you will be able to find time to explore the bible further in 2021. If you would like copies of the previous months, please contact

John Duncan, Joint Session Clerk

Palmerston Place Church 2021

Jan1Psalms1Feb12 Kings18Mar1Isaiah29
2Psalms2 22 Kings19 2Isaiah30&31
3Sunday 32 Kings20 3Isaiah32
4Psalms3&4 4Isaiah1 4Isaiah33
5Psalms5&6 5Isaiah2 5Isaiah34
6Psalms7 6Isaiah3&4 6Isaiah35
7Psalms8&9 7Sunday  7Sunday 
8Psalms10 8Isaiah5 8Isaiah36&37
9Psalms11&12 9Isaiah6 9Isaiah38&39
10Sunday 10Isaiah7&8 10Isaiah40
11Psalms13&14 11Isaiah9 11Isaiah41
12Psalms15-17 12Isaiah10 12Isaiah42
13Psalms18 13Isaiah11&12 13Isaiah43
14Psalms19-21 14Sunday  14Sunday 
15Psalms22 15Isaiah13 15Isaiah44
16Psalms23&24 16Isaiah14 16Isaiah47
17Sunday 17Isaiah15&16 17Isaiah48
18Psalms25&26 18Isaiah17&18 18Isaiah49
19Psalms27-29 19Isaiah19&20 19Isaiah50
20Psalms30&31 20Isaiah21 20Isaiah51
21Psalms32&33 21Sunday  21Sunday 
22Psalms34&35 14Isaiah22 22Isaiah52&53
23Psalms36 22Isaiah23 23Isaiah54
24Sunday 23Isaiah24 24Isaiah55
25Psalms37 24Isaiah25 25Isaiah56
26Psalms38-39 25Isaiah26 26Isaiah57
27Psalms40-41 26Isaiah27 27Isaiah58
282 Kings15 27Isaiah28 28Sunday 
292 Kings16 28Sunday  29Isaiah59
302 Kings17     30Isaiah60
31Sunday     31Isaiah61