Brexit Prayers

As our political leaders continue to wrestle with divisions over Brexit and our changing position within Europe and beyond, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev Susan Brown, has written an open letter calling for congregations and communities to “come together” in prayer and reflection.

As the 29th of March approaches, I am increasingly struck by the need within our communities for space to come together, to listen, to reflect and pray, to learn from and celebrate one another.

This period has the potential to create division and distress amidst the uncertainty of what happens next. I believe that there is a place for the Church to work for hope, unity and peace. That is why this month, as the UK’s planned departure from the European Union approaches, I am inviting congregations to open their doors, in partnership with other local churches and congregations, to provide spaces of welcome, and reflection: spaces in which our communities might come together and demonstrate hope in the face of uncertainty, belonging instead of rejection, and a joy in one another that surpasses our disagreements or political differences.

As the body of Christ, the Church exists beyond human borders; our calling to live out the generous love of God in our communities, in our country, in Europe and beyond remains, steadfast and unchanged. May I invite you to be particularly mindful of this over the coming, and significant, days and weeks in the life of the country.

Prayer Event

There are two prayer meetings at Palmerston Place Church that are focusing on the issues raised by Brexit. These are open to all who wish to come and reflect and pray

Tuesday 26th March at 8am

Thursday 28th March at 7.30pm

Both meetings take place in the Lounge at Annan House, 10 Palmerston Place (located next door to the church).

On Tuesday 26th a breakfast of  coffee and croissants will be available and on Thursday 28th coffee and tea will be served.

Please come along – all will be made most welcome.