This Month @ PPC

Please note that most events at PPC are cancelled at present due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Please see the front page of the website for the current position.
Sunday111amAll Age Worship, Family Communion Service
  6.30pmHealing on the Sabbath – Matthew 12:1-14
Monday27.30pmKirk Session – Room 1 – Annan House
Tuesday36.30pmLent 2020 – Room 1
Wednesday410.30amCoffee Morning –  Room 1, Annan House
 47.30pmSouth House Group
Thursday57.30pmPrayer Meeting – Lounge, Annan House
Sunday8 11amThe promise – Genesis 12-1-4 – Audrey Cisco
  3pmService at Sutherland Street Community Hall
  6.30pmLazarus is raised to life- John 11:1-44
Monday96.30pmCity Centre House Group – Lounge, AH
 97.30pmFabric Team Meeting – Lounge
Tuesday106.30pmLent 2020 – Room 1
Wednesday117.30pmStockbridge House Group
Sunday1511amService led by Fraser Edwards
 1512.30pmStated Annual Meeting
 156.30pmA Centurions faith – Luke 7:1-10
Tuesday176.30pmLent 2020 – Room 1
Wednesday182pmSunflower Café  – Sanctuary
Thursday197.30pmPrayer Meeting – Lounge, Annan House
Sunday2211amService led by Fraser Edwards
  6.30pmBartimaeus receives his sight – Mark 10:46-52
Tuesday246.30pmLent 2020 – Room 1
Sunday2911amService led by Fraser Edwards
  6.30pmReflections Service
Tuesday316.30pmEdinburgh Presbytery – Sanctuary