Fringe @ PPC

We have several different shows appearing at PPC in the 2019 Festival Fringe.

‘A Long Road Home’ & ‘Faultlines’

Saltmine Theatre Company – August 9th & 10th

A Long Road Home – Welcome to Bert and Horace’s junkyard. They collect, curate and repurpose all the rubbish that the world doesn’t want.

One day Charlie turns up in their yard. Charlie’s life was full of luxury, but this faded into nothing when the money disappeared. Through song, storytelling and laughter, Bert and Horace show Charlie that she is not as rubbish as she thinks and help her to consider whether she could take the long road home.

‘It’s a thoroughly enjoyable show, fun for all the family’.

Using personal stories and first-hand accounts, Faultlines is a play built on truth. Exploring the roots of violent relationships, Saltmine Theatre Company investigates the very first tremors of toxicity – control, gaslighting and stifling romance – which often lead to physical violence.

By telling the stories of the men and women who have liberated themselves from domestic abuse, we reclaim their narratives and celebrate their bravery – empowering audiences to notice these signs and equip themselves for escape. This is not about fault after all, but freedom.

Friday 9th at 11am A Long Road Home
Friday 9th at 4.30pm Faultlines
Saturday 10h at 11am A long road home
Saturday 10th at 4.30pm Faultlines

‘The Screwtape Letters’ & ‘Blockbusters’

Searchlight Theatre Company – August 19th – 24th

The Screwtape Letters – This widely acclaimed production returns to the Fringe for four performances. Nigel Forde’s ‘sparkling script’ and David Robinson’s ‘impressive Screwtape’ (Stage) bring to life Lewis’  classic book, which has sold millions worldwide. Set in the study of Professor Screwtape, the devils set about diverting their subject away from being tempted to the other side with a degree of subtlety and humour that they feel is bound to bring them the ultimate victory. The battle is fierce and the stakes are high, and the junior devils test the professor to the limit.

Blockbusters – A comedic dash through the big-hitters of the Bible, courtesy of the Blockbusters board and in the company of two accomplished storytellers. Can I have St Paul please Bob? From Adam to Esther and from Jonah to Judas, all are given a chucklesome moment in the spotlight. Hilarious, first class and very funny, with an odd moving moment thrown in for good measure. Who knew there was a Bob Holness version of the Bible? Come and enjoy the game, you won’t be disappointed. Not to be missed

Mon 19– Wed 21 7.15pm The Screwtape Letters
Thur 22 & Fri 23 7.15pm Blockbusters
Sat 24 2.15pm The Screwtape Letters

Tickets for all of the performances for the shows taking place at Palmerston Place can be purchased by going to the official fringe website –